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So This is Winessense in my Vineyard

Winessense - a new generation of vineyard management and analytics system deployed in a vineyard, with sensors and a mobile app

An image of winessense sensor in a vineyard and a screen from the mobile app

Winessense is a new generation of vineyard management and analytics systems. The concept of dense in-canopy multi sensing from any and all the vineyards of interest is at the center of it. Now, both this concept and the system itself, correspond to the uniqueness of every vineyard. All this enables any user, without prior knowledge, to:

It is a setting stone of climate aware and climate resilient precision viticulture.

The name is a bit unusual  

Well, the name came after we have combined two words, wine and essence. And, yes, essense is misspelled. This is done on purpose, to remind us of the sensing component of the system that is so important. Somehow it seemed like the grapes are where the essence of wine comes from.

What is it all about?

Every winegrower knows their vineyard is unique. And that is rightfully so.  Now it is possible to show that with vineyard data. Furthermore, not only that a vineyard is unique, but parts of it are too.

Growing and Biologically Efficient Degree Days during September 2023, taken from winessense mobile app to show case the uniqueness in ripening of every part of a vineyard; the effective delay with the shown numbers is 7 to 10 days

This uniqueness is a story told by a vineyard each season. And by the wine a vineyard grows each season. And by their capability to compress aromas, the essence, from the place they grow.

Winessense makes sure none of the micro aspects of the climate get unnoticed. It measures the climate and gives a full meaning to the data within the context of viticulture. It helps growers figure out the best way through the new climate conditions. These that we are all witnessing lately.

Who is it for?   

Grape vines are grown on all the continents across our planet. To support that, there is no limit in technological deployment of winessense globally. However, some grower profiles are early-adopters. By no particular order here are some of them:

And many more yet to come, that take actions daily, based on our tools. Both wine and table grape growers.

Early adopters of Winessense – a new generation of vineyard management and analytics system, depicted as strip like characters using the system for their needs

What does it all come down to?

Winessense perceives your vineyard in a unique way. It senses it through an in-canopy, multi-point, micro weather and micro climate network. Sensors measure air humidity and temperature, wind and precipitation. It takes samples every 5 minutes.

Winessense multi-point sensors measure air temperature and relative humidity, wind and precipitation, depending on their configuration

Therefore, it knows how climate drives events in your vineyards. It knows that thanks to field tested family of models it comes with. The models run on top of continuous data feed, both spatial and temporal. They are in charge of preparing parameters among others:

and many others fundamental for winegrowing.

Winessense software estimates and calculates amongst others, the following advanced parameters: growth stage, disease pressures, growing indices, spraying conditions, protection level and leaf wetness

Finally, all of this is accessible to you, the user, through a mobile app. You have 24/7/365 access to:

The app usage videos are available on our Youtube channel.

As one of our first users Aleksandar Todorovic says:

“Once you get used to Winessense, it is really hard without it. It helps me grasp what is going on and improve my vineyard management”

What Next?

We have shared some more links in this blog, you could take a look at. So you can start from there.

Alternatively, you could reach out to us. You could do that using this get in touch button in the menu. Our social media pages are also at your disposal. While our youtube endpoint will get you up to date with the app itself and some other relevant content.

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